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During the last twenty five years The Kite Society has produced the publication "The Kiteflier". There have been many kite articles published. As time permits this page will be expanded with plans from the pages of the magazine. 

Kite Articles from The Kiteflier


The Kiteflier

Date of Publication

Small Kites (PDF  550K)

Issue 76/77

July & October 1998

Delta Kites (PDF 92K)

Issue 88

July 2001

Sled Kites - An Overview (PDF 394K)

Issue 90

January 2002

Why Won't It Fly (PDF 44K)

Issue 91

April 2002

Equation Derivation for Above Article (PDF 632K)



Bird Kites (PDF 449K)

Issue 92

July 2002

Origins of Gibson Girl Kite (PDF 215K)

Issue 93

October 2002

The Golden Years of Kites (PDF 310K)

Issue 94

January 2003

Flat Kites - Part 1 (PDF 2,622K)

Issue 96

July 2003

Flat Kites - Part 2 (PDF 4,860K)

Issue 96

July 2003

History of Kites in the West (PDF 425K)

Issue 97

October 2003

Invention of the Kite (PDF 415K)

Issue 98

January 2004

Exceptional Kites (PDF 1,694K)

Issue 99

April 2004

Soft Kites (PDF 2,502K)

Issue 102

January 2005

Some Points on Kite Flying (PDF 56K)

Issue 103

April 2005

Kite Tails (PDF 249K)

Issue 104

July 2005

How Kites Fly (PDF 441K)

Issue 105

October 2005

How Kites Fly, Faults and Actions (PDF 459K)

Issue 106

January 2006

How Kite Fly - An Alternative View (pdf 66K)

Issue 107

April 2006

The Use of Kites for Fishing (PDF 804K)

Issue 109

October 2006

Why Kites Fly - A Reply (PDF 88K)

Issue 110

January 2007

Kites and the Wrights (PDF 728K)

Issue 111

April 2007

Experiments  with Atmospheric Electricity (PDF 170K)

Issue 115

April 2008

Finbat (PDF 422K)

Issue 116

July 2008

Kinta Plane (PDF 490K)

Issue 117

October 2008

Weather People (PDF 70K)

Issue 118

January 2009

Pocock Aeropleustics (PDF 506K)

Issue 119

April 2009