The main vehicle of communication is the quarterly publication "The Kiteflier".  The Kiteflier is published in January, April, July and October of each year.  It contains news of forthcoming kite festivals, kite retailer news, kite plans, kite group news and a comprehensive events list.

A membership ‘year’ runs for four issues of ‘The Kiteflier’. You can elect to have a paper copy of each issue sent via Royal Mail or an electronic issue sent via email (in which case please ensure you complete the email field on the membership form). There is a single rate for the electronic subscription covering all members of the household.

Each member receives a membership card entitling them to free or reduced entry to selected events and discount where available.

Benefits of Membership:

Four issues of The Kiteflier per year.  Samples can be found here.
Retailer discount - between 5% and 10% at participating retailers. See Trade list for participants.
Free or Reduced entry to selected kite festivals in the U.K.
Special Kite Festival parking where possible.


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          There are two methods of applying.

          We can accept payment via Paypal which means you can use your credit or debit card. If you wish to do this then fill in the form and use the Submit button. This will send your details to us and direct you to the payment page.  Alternatively for postal applications complete, print and send the form and your cheque to the address at the bottom.