The Kite Society of Great Britain

Founded 1979
This site is intended to provide a comprehensive reference source to information about kites and kite flying so finding your local kite group, kite stockist or the rules that govern kite flying can be found here.  Follow the links and explore the different aspects of kite flying in Great Britain.  All information is as up to date as we can manage but obviously some details change over time and we cannot be responsible for this.

Kite Trade and Retailers
This is a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of kite retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and traders in the U.K.

Local and national kite groups.

A comprehensive list of the world's kite groups, clubs and associations is maintained by Troy Gunn. 

Kite plans published in “The Kiteflier” since the first publication in 1979.

All plans are downloadable in pdf format and are free to use non-commercially.

Kite articles published in “The Kiteflier”since the first publication in 1979.

 Including kite history and kite aerodynamics.

The rules governing the flying of kites in the U.K. together with helpful tips about how to fly kites.

All the back issues of the Kite Society magazine.  These are in pdf format for download.

This page contains a number of other online resources.  It is split by categories such as Educational Resources for Schools, Kite Science and History, etc..

A reference list of kite books. The ISBN numbers are listed together with title and author.