Useful Resources

This page lists a number of additional online resources which we feel would be of interest to both kitefliers and the public alike.  It is split by categories such as Educational Resources for Schools, Kite Science and History, and so on.  It is by no means exhaustive and a web search would find more!   If you feel a resource is missing and should be added then please contact us. - An index of a large number of kite plans.

Kite Builder - Resource centre for kite builders

Drachen Foundation - Kite plans with additional links to other plan resources.

Kite Patents - A compendium of Historical Kite Patents    

My Best Kite - Resources for different age groups with easy to make kites.

B-Kites - Plans, Aerial photography and more.

Breeze Chasers - Information about different types of knot and kites.

Open Source Kite Plans - A number of Sports kite plans that can be used fo non-commercial purposes.

Swiss Kite Lab - information aimed at light (or no) wind kites.  With plans.

Travelling with kites - some useful information from a respoected kite festival traveller.

Kite Fishing - Site providing information about kite fishing in Australia.

Wind Instruments - Aeolian Musical Instruments

Kite Flying Sites - Google map of some of the many flying sites in the U.K.

Kite Maps - Another site with kite flying locations - also incliudes worldwide sites.

Parachuting Fauna - Information relating to parachuting from kites (for toys only).

The Kite Museum - Canadian museum 

World Kite Museum - Washington State based museum.

Tokyo Kite Museum - One of the oldest kite museums specialising in Japanese kites.

Virtual Museum Melaka - Based in Malaysia kites are just one part of this museum.

French Kite Museum - Located near Dijon, meant to be the only kite museum in France

Charles Benton - Comprehensive look at how to take photos from kite

Kite Aerial Photography Org. - links and information about KAP

George Lawrence - An early pioneer of KAP, this site provides information about the man and his methods.  More is also available here. - The site is designed to get you up to speed fast with the necessary equipment for Kite Aerial Photography. 

Drachen Foundation - Educational resources for children. Includes kite plans, kite kits and 'How To' documents on leading children learning.

Activities for the classroom - A series of kite related projects for primary and junior school children.

Origami Reource Centre - A simple paper fold kite.

Koi Kite - A simple paper kite using thicker than normal paper

Flying Nun Kite - Another simple paper fold kite using A4

Kite Kits - Kite making kits specifically for UK based schools.

Flying Kites - Provides information about the history of kites, types of kites and the science.  A single point of reference.

Let's Fly Kites - This website aims to offer a clear guide through setting up, launching, landing and packing up your kite, as well as basic flying skills and how to use the ‘wind window’ effectively, whether flying with a bar of handles. For more seasoned kiters, there is a basic skills section on advanced techniques like kitesurfing, landboarding and buggying.

Fly Kites Not Drones - The workshop plans in Fly Kites Not Drones are for adults to deliver exciting work with children young people of different ages, whether in or out of school. The different workshops are listed and there is guidance on finding the best content for your group

Kitelife - Online Kite Magazine

Drachen Foundation - Online newsletters and magazine. Also many other online articles.

Close Encounters Kites - Contains Single line and Sport Kite reviews, videos and photos.

The Flying Squad - One of the UKs Multi-line kite display teams. 

Team Spectrum - Father and Son dual line display team.

Airheads - A 4 person sports kite display team. They also have a large number of dragon kites.

Flying Fish - Flying Fish consists of Lex and Irma who fly (mostly dual-line) kite routines to music. 

Close Encounters Kite Display Team - Est. over 25 years. Former British Champions providing colourful displays of sport kites and inflatables.

Sue Wardle - Based in the North West but will travel.

Nick James - Based in Bristol

Karl Longbottom -Hereford based kite maker and workshop leader

Skybums - Based in Shropshire 

White Horse Kite Fliers - Swindon based.

Malcolm Goodman - Based in the Northeast but will travel anywhere.

Carne de Vol - French website with many articles about the history of kites and related subjects - some also in English

British Pathe - Some historic film from Pathe news.

Internet Archive - A search facility for books, movies, magazines, etc.  Includes Kite Lines Magazine. Use the search facility.

Flight Global Archive - Archive search for aviation articles.  Just search for Kite.

History of Kite Fishing - in the Southern Seas (1955)

N.A.S.A. - Excellent resources about kites and the science behind them.

Popular Science Archive Search - Popular Science search facility.  Enter Kites to see the articles.

Open University - Part of the Make a Kite Challenge (using natural products) provides information on how kites fly.

Fractured Axel - Primarily dual line and trick flying.

Northern Kite Group - Based in the North of the country. Covers all aspects of kiteflying.

Kent Kite Fliers - Kent based kite group covering all types of kite flying.

Brighton Kite Fliers - Based on the South coast, covers all types of kites.

Kite Builder - USA based forum with members from all over the world.