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Civil Aviation legislation applicable to kite flying is contained in the Rules of the Air Regulations and the The Air Navigation Order).   These are amended from time to time but for the purposes of these documents kites are classified as aircraft.

The relevant parts of the above in relation to kites state that:-

Article97 (3) (d)

A kite shall not be flown at a height of more than 30 metres above ground level within the aerodrome traffic zone of a notified aerodrome during the notified operating hours of that aerodrome. [Although it is generally accepted that for safety reasons you should not fly within 5km of any aerodrome].

Article 97 (3) (e)

A kite shall not be flown at a height of more than 60 metres above ground level.

Rule 52  Captive Balloons and Kites at Night

A kite while flying at night at a height exceeding 60 metres above the surface shall display lights as follows:

Rule 53 Captive Balloons and Kites by Day

The above is an extract from the full regulations.  For further details of the Act above look at the  For permission to exceed the limits stated above you are required to complete an application form.  Details from

Airspace Utilisation Section

Directorate of Airspace Policy

Civil Aviation Authority


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