Book List
  Author Title ISBN Publication Year Publisher Format
Jack Botermans; Alice Weve Drachenmodelle Zum Selberbauen 1986
Jeremy Boyce Learn to Fly a Stunt Kite 9780752524351 1999 Parragon Plus Paperback
Jeremy Boyce Learn to Fly a Stunt Kite (Boxed Set) 9780752524351 1999 Parragon Plus Paperback
Jeremy Boyce Stunt Kite 9780752587011 2002 Parragon Plus Paperback
Alan and Gill Bridgewater Easy-To-Make Decorative Kites 0486249816 1986 Dover Publications Paperback
G A Broomfield Pioneer of the Air 1953
Wyatt Brummitt Kites 1971 Golden Press
Timothy Burkhart Kite Folio 0704501481 1974 Wildwood Ho. Paperback
Barrie Caldecott Kites (Fresh Start) 0749601396 1990 Franklin Watts Ltd Hardcover
Caterina Capelli Artisti Fra Cielo E Terra 2005
Didier Carpentier; Joel Bachelet Kites (Hobby Craft) 071580782X 1981 A & C Black Publishers Ltd Paperback
David Charles; Linda Perina; Rosella Guerra; Giuseppe Ferlegna The Kite Making Handbook 0715318551 2004 David & Charles Publishers Paperback
Martine Chatel; Joel Theze Meteoros 2003
Nicolas Chorier Over India 9781862058132 2007 Anova Hardcover
Gerard Clement Cerfs-Volants 9782865191192 1993 ACLA Unknown Binding
Gerard Clement Cerf-Volant Pratique 9782910536077 1996 Italiques Paperback
Rosanne Cobb The Kite Book 9781843403784 2007 Collins & Brown Paperback
Bill Cochrane Making and Flying Box Kites 9780713469202 1994 B.T. Batsford Hardcover
Leonard M Conover The BMISS List of Little Known Kiteflying Records 1988 Dirt Cheap Press
Dominique Cotard Les Aerostiers Cerf-Volistes

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