Book List
  Author Title ISBN Publication Year Publisher Format
Jens Jancke Windspiele. Die Kunst Des Drachensteigens 3765806315 1989 Bucher C.J. Gebundene Ausgabe
Garry Jenkins Colonel Cody and the Flying Cathedral 9780684860251 1999 Simon Schuster Trade Hardcover
Paul Jobin Figures and Routines for Individual and Team Stunt Kite Flying 1989
Paul Jobin; T C Cartwright; Andy King; Ward, Mike The Official STACK Manual 1989
Sarah Kent The CREATIVE BOOK of KITES 9781858335988 1997 BRAMLEY BOOKS Hardcover
Kettelkamp, Larry Kites 1959 Morrow
Jara Krivanek Painting With Light and Air 9780957786714 2008 WEF Associates Sydeny, Australia
Hans Kroeze Vliegeren 9022977048 1986 Bruna
Ha Kuiming; Ha Yiqi Zhu Kites of Peking 9620750357 1986 Shang Wu Yin Shu Guan Xianggang Fen Guan
Laly Cerfs-Volants Du Japon - À La Croisã©e Des Arts 9782359882278 2021 SCALA
Carol Law The Usborne Book of Kites (How to Make) 9780746007082 1992 E.D.C. Publishing Paperback
Fei Bao Ling The Kite of Cao Xueqin (Chinese Edition) 9787805266565 2008 Beijing Arts and Crafts Press Paperback
Bin Liu; Shi Xifa Chinese Kites 9781602200142 2014 Shanghai Press Hardcover
Ambrose Lloyd Kites and Kite Flying 0600353370 1978 Hamlyn Publ Group Ltd Hardcover
Ambrose Lloyd Making and Flying Kites (Beaver Bks.) 0600353362 1977 Hamlyn Paperback
Valerie J. Lund Let's Make Windsocks 0962240508 1989 Valerie J. Lund Paperback
Peter Lynn Buggies, Boats and Peel 1992 Aeolus Oress Ltd
Piet Maree Make Your Own Kite 1964 Bancroft
Eden Maxwell Kiteworks 0806967129 1990 Sterling Pub Co Inc Hardcover
Eden Maxwell The Magnificent Book of Kites 9783829022071 1999 Konemann UK Ltd Hardcover

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