Book List
  Author Title ISBN Publication Year Publisher Format
Greger, Margaret; Madel Greger Kites for Everyone 84-90383 1984 M. Greger
Greger, Margaret; Greg Greger More Kites for Everyone 0961368014 1990 M. Greger
Malcolm Hall FROM BALLOON TO BOXKITE 9781848689923 2010 Amberley Paperback
Edwin T Hamilton Making 30 Kites That Fly 1935
Al Hargus The "No Secrets" Handbook of Dual Line Stunt Kites 1989
Al Hargus The "No Secrets" Handbook of Kite Trains 1990
Al Hargus The "No Secrets" Handbook of Quad-Line Stunt Kites
Hart, Clive The Dream of Flight 1972 Winchester Press
Hart, Clive Kites, an Historical Survey 1967 Faber and Faber
Hart, Clive Your Book of Kites 0571047122 1964 Transatlantic Arts Hardcover
Tsutomu Hiroi Kites 024110002X 1978 Elm Tree Bks. Paperback
Wang Hongxun Chinese Kites (Traditional Chinese Arts and Culture) 7119000934 1989 Foreign Languages Press Paperback
Wayne Hoskings Asian Kites (Asian Arts and Crafts for Creative Kids) 9780804835459 2004 Tuttle Publishing Hardcover
Wayne Hoskings Kites 9781853910760 1992 Murdoch Books Hardcover
Wayne Hoskings Kites of Malaysia 1990 MAS
Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner 9780747566991 2003 Bloomsbury Paperback
D R Hughes Kites and Bombs 1993
D R Hughes WW2 Kites 1993
Leslie Hunt 25 Kites That Fly 9780486225500 1971 Dover Publications Paperback
Toshio Ito; Hirotsugu Komura Kites 0870405268 1983 Japan Pubns Paperback

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